4th of July Mystery Box

** 4th of July Mystery Box is SOLD OUT **

4th of July Mystery Box

Hi Friends! Guess what? MYSTERY BOX! It's a holiday weekend in the USA and since most events have been cancelled and nobody can go anywhere, we thought we'd do a Mystery Box!!! These will go live on the 7 Bucks a Pop website at exactly 3pm Eastern on Saturday July 4th at the bottom of this page. You have a shot to hit some MAJOR GRAILS and, of course, some EGGS! (Even though we know you really do it for the gum). Here's a link to the announcement & details on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/9Z5o7oXRzFE

Watch the video for details and read the FAQ below...

- $19 per box including shipping in the continental US, max of 4 boxes per household. No refunds or returns. If your boxed is damaged during transit, let us know and we'll do our best to make things right.
- Canada & US territories - shipping is $6 per box for plus $4 for each additional box. *Due to packages returned, lost or hung up in customs, WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AT THIS TIME.*
- Every box will have one standard size Pop in a PopShield protector and 2 pieces of gum. A SELECT FEW boxes will contain an Easter Egg which will have a prize inside (watch video for details).
- Most boxes will contain a $7 discount code. Previous discount codes cannot be used towards this mystery box. $7 discount codes can not be used towards future mystery boxes, gift cards, PopShield Armor hard protectors or Signature Series. These discount codes CANNOT be stacked, meaning only one code may be used per future purchase. So if you get 4 boxes and 4 discount codes, they will have to be used on 4 different future orders. This is a limitation within the Shopify platform, so unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it. There is no expiration on discount codes.
- There will be no guaranteed value- we aren't looking up 1500 Pops on PPG. You may pull a $5 Pop, you may pull a $500 Pop. Please understand that there are risks and the odds are NOT in your favor.
- Pops from all genres will be represented. It'll be a very good mix.
- With 1500 Pops there's bound to be some doubles and maybe even triples, but the odds are very slim you'll get two of the same Pop if you buy more than one box. But it's not something we can guarantee won't happen.
- We'll do our best to weed out significantly damaged boxes and only include Pops we feel are 7.5 or better on our grading scale, which most collectors find to be very strict.
- Putting a mystery box in your cart DOES NOT reserve it for you. You need to complete the checkout process in order to secure it. There is a real possibility that the mystery boxes will sell out while still in your shopping cart. Please be prepared for this possibility and don't get upset if it happens. This is how most internet shopping carts work.
- You CAN NOT apply any discounts to mystery box purchases.
- As with all orders on 7bucksapop.com, any order placed by a bot will automatically cancelled and the buyer will be permanently banned from future purchases. We want to keep the site fair and fun for everybody. For more info on our "No Bot" policy, you can go here: https://7bucksapop.com/pages/no-bot-policy

The MOST IMPORTANT RULE is have FUN with this! This is a great hobby and we all enjoy taking a risk every now and then. Feel free to do an unboxing on Youtube or social media, whether you pull something great or something not so great. We want to see what you guys get! And please tag us (@7bucksapop on Facebook, Twitter and IG) and use the hashtag #7BAPMysteryBox if you do post an unboxing so we can see it and share it!

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