If you've reached this page then you are no doubt curious about the new phenomenon called FiGPiN. What are they? Why do people collect them and what makes them so special? We know it can be confusing, but we're here to help!  Here's an FAQ that should answer most of your questions about FiGPiN's.

1) What is a FiGPiN?  

Answer: FiGPiN's are large collectible enamel pins that are based on characters in Pop culture. They are very high quality in both materials and artistry, using great detail to capture each character's essence. They have many licenses, such as Disney, Marvel, DC and various anime and video games. There are three sizes at the moment- minis which are 2" tall, standard which are 3" and XL which are 6". 

2) What's the deal with the app?

Answer: Each FiGPiN has a unique code on that back that when entered into the FiGPiN app will show you information about that particular FiGPiN, such as it's edition (1st edition is most desirable) and how many were produced. It also shows two scores- a Factory Score which is a measure of its rarity, and a Story Score which measures how many people have unlocked that specific pin (you get the most points if you're the first to unlock it). As you add more pins to your collection you accumulate points to raise your overall score.

3) Are they valuable?

Answer: While relatively new to the collector market, some limited edition FiGPiN's are quickly appreciating in value with a few of the rarer pieces bringing $1000+ on the open market. Most commons most are still worth their retail price at the moment. As the market for FiGPiN evolves and certain pieces get vaulted, we expect to see continued growth.

4) How do I collect them? 

Answer: However you want! Just like Funko Pops and any other type of collectible out there, it's a hobby and you should collect them in whichever way brings you the most joy. Keep them in their boxes or take them out. Wear them on your jacket or proudly display them on your collectibles shelf. It's entirely up to you!

5) Why did 7 Bucks A Pop decide to start selling them?

Answer: Up until now we've been apprehensive about expanding beyond Funko products because it's what we do well and what we're known for. However, we saw enough overlap with many Funko collectors also collecting FiGPiN's that we thought it was a great opportunity to expand our product selection without cluttering up the site or affecting the online shopping experience.