7BAP Auctions!

Welcome to 7BAP Auctions! Here are the rules:

1) You must be logged into your 7BAP account to bid. If you don't have an account, you can sign up here: https://7bucksapop.com/account/register

2) Bids are in increments of $1 and are set using a proxy bidding system. This means that when you place a bid (no matter how high), the most it will be is $1 more than the next highest bid. Example: if someone has placed a high bid of $10 and you place a high bid of $50, you will be the new high bidder at $11. You can then only be outbid if someone bids $51 or higher. We encourage you to place a bid in the maximum amount that you're willing to pay right off the bat.

3) You can view your bids by logging in and going to your account page: https://7bucksapop.com/account  ... There is a button that says "View Your Bids".

4) While on the auction page, bids do not automatically update. You need to hit "Refresh" to see the current high bid.

5) Once the auction has completed, you will be mailed an invoice for the items that you won. Combined shipping will be calculated and you can pay for them all at once.

6) There is no option to add a PopShield Armor on the payment screen, however, if you wish to add Armor to your order(s), you can Contact Us and let us know that you want to add Armor and we will send you an invoice.

7) There are no reserves, buyer's premium or any additional hidden fees that some auctions have. You will only pay what the high bid was plus shipping for your items!

8) Bids cannot be cancelled.

9) Don't bid if you don't intend to pay. All non-paying bidders will be placed on our blocked list.

10) Have fun!