Signature Series E.G. Daily Signed Pop - Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)

7BAP Signature Series


Limit: 33


Shipping: Price includes shipping in the US. International shipping will be based on weight and location.

If multiple variations are available, you cannot request a specific one:  all variations will be chosen at random for each order so that everybody has a fair shot.

1) Discounts can't be applied to Signature Series orders.
2) Each Pop has a '7BAP Signature Series' sticker which states the quantity signed of that particular version.
3) Each Pop will have a JSA or Beckett authentication sticker on the side window ensuring the autograph is authentic. It will also come with a COA card that matches the serial number on the sticker. (With Beckett moving away from paper cards, they have a QR code on the side. Pop may or may not include a card in this case.)
4) Each Pop will come in a PopShield protector and double boxed to ensure no damage should occur during shipping.
5) If you buy multiples, it's entirely possible that you will get the more than one of the same Pop. We ship these completely blind so we have no way of knowing what's in each box. 
6) Condition Disclaimer: We do our best to use Pops with minimal to no damage. Our goal is to use Pops that would grade 7.5 or better on our scale, which most collectors agree is a pretty strict grading scale. That being said, when we do these signings, the Pop boxes get handled several times between the time they leave our hands and the time they return. For this reason, we cannot guarantee perfectly mint boxes on Signature Series Pops. If you're disappointed with the condition on your Signature Series purchase, contact us and we'll be happy to work with you on a solution.
7) We cannot offer returns or replacements on Signature Series products.