7BAP Thanksgiving Week Special

Announcement Video:

Wasn't that whimsical and fun? Now that you have some idea what to expect, we're going to give a rundown of when the sales, drops and festivities will go live. What they will be is anybody's guess, you'll just have to tune into this page and keep an eye on your inbox and social media throughout the week! Once the specials are announced, we'll post them below...

Monday 11/22 - BIG SALE: 25% off all collectibles larger than a standard size Pop! Ends at midnight eastern. Click Here

Tuesday 11/23 - Surprise Drop Day! Random drops of cool stuff throughout the day

Wednesday 11/24 - Super stuffed Wednesday Pop drop at 3pm eastern

Thursday 11/25 - Happy Thanksgiving! No specials today, just relax and spend time with your loved ones. But don't relax too much, because something happens at midnight....

Friday 11/26 - Black Friday Marvel Signature Series Mystery Box! Drops when the clock strikes midnight eastern time. (Box will drop HERE)

Also on Friday at 3pm eastern will be a special Black Friday Double Box on our sister site, mysterygrail.com

Saturday 11/27 - SSS (Signature Series Saturday) Sale! 15% off all in-stock Signature Series until midnight eastern. Click Here

Sunday 11/28 - Sunday Pop drop at 9pm eastern

Monday 11/29 - Cyber Monday- 15% off all collectibles!


Links for all of the sales and drops will be here and on the homepage