In an effort to differentiate ourselves from all of the other shops out there and make Funko Pop shopping fun and exciting, we created our weekly Pop drops! In e-commerce terms, a 'drop' is simply making a product available at a particular day and time. In our case, we're making SEVERAL HUNDRED Funko Pops go live every Wednesday (3pm eastern), Friday (6pm eastern) and Sunday (9pm eastern). Included in every drops are a wide variety of Pops from as low as $7 and all the way up to Pops that are $1000+.


How our drops work

Pops will go live on the Newly Added page at the specified time, and whoever checks out with a Pop first is the one that gets it. Be ready because stuff sells FAST in our drops because we're one of the only places on the internet that gets the good stuff and regularly offers it at fair prices. The day of the drop we will post a preview pic on our Facebook & Instagram (@7bucksapop) pages, as well as sending an email out to everybody on our mailing list. This pic will show some of the highlights that will be in that particular drop so you have a good idea what to go after. Our Friday drop is what we call a 'blind drop', meaning we don't show a preview pic so everything that goes up will be a surprise to everybody! Please read the FAQ below which will answer any questions you may have.


*IMPORTANT* When everything goes live, the best place to find them is in the 'Newly Added' section. If using the 'Search' bar, they DO NOT show up immediately after going live; it usually takes a few minutes after going live for them to show up in search and they might sell out by then. Your best bet is to manually look for them on the 'Newly Added' page.

1) Most of the good stuff will be priced around or a little under fair market value and the easier to find commons and exclusives will be $7. 
2) As a policy we do not release prices before they go live, and we will not sell anything directly before they go live. Please do not ask, we want to give everybody a fair shot.
3) The good stuff sells FAST, usually within a minute or two of going live. Be ready if there's something good that you have your eye on. And it sometimes goes up in chunks, so if you don't see a Pop right at the drop time then keep refreshing. If you're new to shopping with us you might want to click around the site beforehand so you get an idea of how everything looks and functions.
4) We have the NEWLY ADDED page sorted from highest to lowest price. Usually our stuff is a couple bucks under value, so that will give you a good idea of where it will be on the page.
5) Putting a Pop in your cart DOES NOT guarantee you will get it. You need to be the first to complete the checkout process in order to buy the Pop. Several people can have the same Pop in their cart at the same time, it's the person who pays for it first that gets it. Most internet shopping carts work this way.
6) We do this every Sunday night at 9pm eastern, Wednesday at 3pm eastern and Friday at 6pm eastern. If you miss out on something this week, don't stress because we'll have a whole new batch of stuff in just a few days.
7) 7 Bucks a Pop has a no questions asked return policy, so buy with confidence and without stress. If something gets damaged during shipping or if you just have buyer's remorse, we've got you covered!
8) We ship worldwide. In the US it's $5 for the first standard size Pop and $2.50 each additional. For international rates, click here:
9) Any questions you have about condition will be answered here:
10) This is a hobby- have fun!