Collection Packing Instructions

Supplies to purchase (Please buy these exact products):

Lowe's Heavy Duty 24x18x18 Large Boxes - LINK

Bubble Wrap with Large Bubbles (1/2" bubbles) - LINK

Packing Tape (any brand)

Each box will fit around 50 standard size 4" Pops, and you will need around 100 feet of bubble wrap for every 250 standard size Pops. If you have a lot of larger items (6", 10", Rides, 3-packs, etc...), you will need to buy extra of both.


IMPORTANT: Make sure to buy the boxes that say "HEAVY DUTY". If you order them online, please make sure they give you the correct boxes (Lowe's employees sometimes make mistakes).


If they don't say HEAVY DUTY, DO NOT BUY:


ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you buy the bubble wrap with bigger bubbles (1/2") and not the smaller bubbles (3/16"):


Line the inside of each box with the bubble wrap, using a double layer on the bottom for added protection:


Each box will have 3 layers of Pops. Place the first layer of Pops inside the box as pictured. Then place the 2nd layer on top, putting the more expensive Pops in the middle of the 2nd layer. You don't want any of the valuable Pops on the edges, corners, top or bottom of the box; they should always be put in the middle.


Place the top layer of Pops on their backs as pictured.


Use extra bubble wrap to fill all of the voids. This will keep the Pops from moving around during shipping.


Cover the top layer with a double layer of bubble wrap.


Close and securely tape the box closed. 


FOR LARGER ITEMS: Do not put large items and standard size Pops in the same box; the standard Pops will get crushed.


Pack larger items (10", 6", Rides, Moments, 2-packs, etc...) together. Fit them inside the box as best you can and fill all of the voids with extra bubble wrap to prevent movement during shipping. Then cover the top with as much bubble wrap as it takes to get to the top of the box. Close and tape securely.



**Please follow all of these instructions as closely as possible. We've had hundreds of collections shipped to us and we've learned the hard way what happens when Pops aren't packed properly. If you have ANY questions, feel free to email Lee directly.